Friday, August 20, 2010

GF Cookie Review

I discovered about five years ago that I have a wheat allergy. I tested negative for celiac so I'm not a fanatic about being totally gluten free. I miss cookies. When I first went wheat free there were few prepackaged items on the market. You had to bake everything from scratch to the point of having to mix up your own flour combinations before you even start cooking and even then they did't taste like the "real" thing. Thank goodness last year Betty Crocker came out with preboxed mixes. They are all fantastic and taste delicious, like the real thing. Unfortunately even these are now beyond my limited capability. But the goddess has smiled down upon us and there are now lots of packaged goodies to tempt us. Don't get me wrong I went through a lot of packaged cookies only to have most of them end up in the trash. Rice flour gets a gritty mouth feel about two days after baking so most packaged products have no shelf life. However, I've managed to find a few worth the extra dollars and calories for a nice treat.

I discovered nairn's oat cookies (biscuits) when I was on a trip to England (long before I got my illness). While they are wheat free they do not claim to be GF so celiacs beware. The things I like about these cookies are that they aren't too sweet,have no transfats, are made from wholegrain oats, have a low GI (glycemic index) and remind me of home (I'm English). My favorite ones are the mixed berries but they also come in plain and ginger.

I love two of their products. The cocoa waffers and hazlenut chocolate covered waffers. Both of these are a bit more decadant. No whole grain here just rice flour and chocolate. These are waffer cookies with great dark chocolate layers. Still not too sweet. The hazelnut chocolate covered one is reminicent of my hands down fav the Break Bar (discontinued due to a lawsuit from KitKat: Boo!!! It isn't like any of us can eat your stupid candy!).

This is a new discovery. I was craving almonds, found these in the store and fell in love. I do warn you that these are really sweet. I would love these even more if there was a little less sugar in them but the mouth feel is fantastic. There are only four ingrediants: almond paste, organic cane sugar, almonds and egg whites. They are soft and yummy and almondy.

Mrs. Crimbles
Almost forgot this one. This is another discovery I made in England and only recently found over here. The chocolate dipped macaroons are to die for. Yummy!

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