Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not Your Kids' Mac & Cheese

This is something I've invented. Make all the substitutions you like. Mostly I use frozen vegetables and dried herbs in this one since I tend to only make it when I am in a rush or too tired to deal.

Serves 1 or 2 depending how hungry you are you can stretch it to three if used as a side dish

1 box Annie's Rice Mac & Cheese
1-2 cups assorted frozen vegetables my preference is peas, carrots and corn mix
2t Mrs Dash original flavor
Fresh ground pepper
1T dried onion
pinches of herbs such as basil, marjoram, dill, parsley
2 slices cheddar or Swiss cheese
1/4c milk
2T butter

Bring a medium pan of water to full boil. Add vegetables and bring to second boil. Add pasta, herbs and spices and cook according to box directions.

While that is cooking take cheese packet and mix up in a microwave safe dish according to package directions with milk and butter. Stir thoroughly. Tear up cheese slices and add to cheese mix. Put in microwave for one minute. Take out, stir and put back in for another minute. Rinse and repeat until until cheese is fully melted and incorporated into the mixture.

When pasta is done, drain and stir in cheese mix.

I have used this as a side dish with Bell and Evans GF chicken nuggets. Yummy!

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