About This Blog

I developed a wheat allergy about six years ago and have been on an almost GF (gluten free) diet since then. I have tried lots and lots of different products and most of them ended up in the trash. What can I say, I have picky tastebuds. Too bad I developed a gourmet pallet prior to developing the allergy.

In my 20's I dabbled in vegetarinaism but have found that as an adult I need to eat meat protein for my body to function properly. I now eat chicken, fish, and beans as my protein sources with an occassional pig for variety. I have just added 100% grass fed beef to my diet.  While steaks are still too rich for me I've found beef broth and hamburgers agree with me very well.

When I became pregnant almost 20 years ago, I started eating organic foods. I discovered why I used to like brocolli as a kid. They have tinkered with our food so much our fruits and vegetables no longer have any flavor. Try a side by side taste test of organic vs normal brocolli and you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm old enough that I remember what food used to taste like before TV dinners and food in a box were invented.

I'm currently loosely following a Weston A Price (WAP) style diet.  I hope to be transitioning to the Guts and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet in the near future.  This means the newer recipes include lots of raw milk butter, cheese, cream, pastured meat and homemade stocks.  Because of my illness I also include lots of organic vegetables.

Since I have become ill, I am on a quest to find really really fast recipes for really tasty food. Just cuz I'm sick doesn't mean my taste-buds no longer work. These posts are the results of my searches and experiments. They are wheat free, organic and mostly GF. If you want good tasting food you HAVE to use high quality ingredients. Use organic butter, whole milk and full fat cheese. It will taste awesome, I promise!