Free ebooks:
     Stone Soup free ebook: 5 ingredients 10 minutes
     Another free ebook from Stone Soup: stonesoup simple baking

Answers to all of your burning cooking questions:

Assistive Technology for the Kitchen:
     Patterson Medical
     Oxo Good Grips

Special Diets:
     Weston A Price Foundation:  WAP
     Guts and Psychology Syndrome: GAPS
     Celiac Sprue Association everything you need to know about going GF and Celiac Disease
     Paleo Diet there isn't a good independent website on Paleo

     Amy's Frozen Foods  Organic and all natural frozen foods: some GF
     Annie's Naturals  GF Condiments & Mac and Cheese
     Bob's Red Mill GF Grains & Baking Mixes
     Cultures for Health  Everything you need to start making yogurt, kombucha & ferments
     Ener-G GF Cookies, Snacks & Cooking Supplies
     Gluten Free Pantry  GF breads, baked goods & baking mixes
     iherb  Supplements, beauty, pet & cleaning supplies
     Kerrigold  Pastured butter & cheese
     King Arthur Flour  GF grains
     Nature's Path Organic  GF breakfast items
     To Your Health Sprouted Flour  Organic sprouted flours ground to order: some GF
     U.S. Wellness Meats  100% Pastured meats delivered anywhere in US
     Wilderness Naturals  Huge site.  Tons of stuff.  Lots of coconut stuff.