8 Degrees of Ingredients: For those suffering from food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances, and the people who cook for them
by Melisa K. Priem
pub: Beaver's Pond Press
yr: 2008
ISBN 10: 1-45158-261-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-45158-261-1

Wheat, egg, peanut, fish, soy, milk, tree nut and shellfish free.  Some of these recipes are really tasty.  The ingredients are easy to find.  Standard American fare such as Tacos, burgers and chocolate chip cookies.  There is also a full chapter on "Dressings, Sauces and Condiments".  Great for folk who want to eat 'normal' food.

Most are fussy to make requiring lots of energy.  This cookbook is best for ideas, a high functioning CFSer or a caregiver.  The Bourbon Chicken was terrible.  Way too much bourbon in it.  To be fair, I BBQed it instead of sauteing which might have affected the taste considerably.

Allergy Friendly Food: The essential guide to avoiding allergies, additives and problem chemicals
by Dr. Anne R. Swain, Dr. Velencia L. Soutter and Dr. Robert H. Loblay
pub: Barnes and Nobel Books
yr: 2004
ISBN: 0-7607-5892-1

Great book for MCS.  Lots of lists.  It separates foods by degree of chemical contamination which is very useful.  It also has multiple indexes, again by degree of contamination.   Makes it very easy to cook for allergies and MCS.  Used copies available through Amazon for as little as $0.93 US.

Not completely GF.  Recipes can be fussy and time consuming, i.e. not easy for CFSers.  Looks like this book is out of print.

The Best Simple Recipes
by America's Test Kitchen
pub: America's Test Kitchen Brookline, MA
yr: 2010
ISBN-13:  978-1-933615-59-2
ISBN-10:  1-933615-59-1

The recipes are taste tested to death by both the cooks and audience members.  This means the recipes taste really really good.  They have common easy to find ingredients.  The book is filled with shopping and cooking tips.

This book is for someone that has some energy.  Most of the recipes require multiple cooking steps.  They love sauteing things before putting them in the oven or slow cooker.  Some of the recipes can be a bit fussy to make although this particular book is better than most.  If you are following WAP or Paleo substitutions will have to be made.

The Farmer's Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your CSA and Farmer's Market Foods
by Julia Shanks and Brett Grohsgal
pub: CSA Cookbooks, Cambridge, MA
yr: 2011
ISBN:  9781460910238

I just started buying food at my local Farmer's Market and often run into odd items that I've either never seen before or never cooked before.  This book is awesome!  It not only tells you when the item is ripe but also how to store it both short and long term (canning/freezing).  It is full of easy recipes as well.  I originally borrowed this book from the library but after glancing through it I knew I had to purchase my own copy.  Great reference for expanding your palate.

You may not ever find all the produce in this book.   Some of the recipes can be fussy.

How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food
by Mark Bittman
pub: Wiley Publishing NY NY
yr: 1998
ISBN: 0-02-861010-5

What can I say?  Mark Bittman is my hero.  This is my go to cookbook.  Every single thing I have made from this book tasted wonderful.  I love all the variations he includes with each basic recipe.  I have discovered the "everything" isn't in the cookbook but it is darn close.  Both prep and cooking times are included with each recipe so it is easy to pick out ones that require little prep work.

If you have allergies or on a specific diet substitutions will have to be made.  Some recipes are fussy.

Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: The Big Book of Everyday Slow Cooking
by Stephanie O'Dea
pub: Hyperion, New York
yr: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4013-1004-2

It is a GF cookbook!  Really fast recipes.  If you buy stuff already sliced and chopped, these recipes are really easy to assemble.  I love, love, love the Cranberry Pork Roast from this book.  The author also writes her own food blog so you can find new recipes all the time,  The recipes run the gamut from beverages, main dishes and desserts to the truly bizarre.  Did you know you can make homemade soap in your crockpot??  Most of the recipes are standard American fare along with some take out favs like Tandoori Chicken and Fajitas.

Not too many here.  Because she often uses acid (orange juice for instance) in her recipes to tenderize the meat a sweetener has to be added to balance it out.  Hence many of the recipes call for sugar in some form.  I tend to use much less than called for and substitute succanat.  Most of her recipes can't be used during an elimination diet.  If you have any allergies besides gluten you will have to make lots of substitutions.

More Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: 200 Brand-New, Budget-Friendly, Slow-Cooker Recipes
by Stephanie O'Dea
pub: Hyperion, New York
yr: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4013-1038-7

It is GF!  Recipes are separated by cost/meal which makes food budgeting easier.  The Chocolate Mess is fantastic!  It is basically a pudding cake made in the crockpot.  This is amazingly easy to make.  If you have a stand mixer this is the way to go for low energy baking.  These recipes are more off the beaten path since most of the standard American dishes were covered in the first book. 

Honestly I haven't used many of these recipes yet since I just got the book and I've had to go on an elimination diet so I can't eat most of the stuff in it. 

The recipes are arranged by cost.  This makes it really hard if you want to look at say all the pork recipes to decide which one you want to make.

Nourishing Traditions 2nd ed
by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig
pub:  New Trends Publishing, Washington DC
yr: 2001
ISBN:  0-96708973-5

This is THE Bible for people on the WAP diet.  It contains the philosophy, do's & don'ts and recipes for everything WAP.  These are the first organ meat recipes I've seen since I left England.

Not GF.  If the recipes contain beans or grains then overnight soaking is required to make them legal to eat.  While this is easy to do it does require some planning.