Friday, August 27, 2010

Turkey Burgers

This is one of my couple's dinners. I do the prep work and husband runs the grill. These are easy to make and really tasty. For buns I like Glutino's English Muffins, Udi's Wheat Bread or Against the Grain Plain Rolls.

Use roughly a quarter pound of meat per person. If you mix in some thigh meat there is a bit more fat in the burgers and therefore a bit more juicy. However, they taste fine with all white meat.

As always try to find organic ingredients or at least all natural. The fewer chemicals in the food the better. I have also found these taste better if the meat has never been frozen. I find that freezing meat dries it out and makes it tougher once cooked.

1/4lb per person ground turkey
Annie's Original BBQ sauce
cheddar or Swiss cheese slices 1 per burger
regular of gf buns

Dump about 1T of sauce per burger out on a plate. Slather on hands. Pick up the meat for the burger and start forming into a patty. Make it evenly thick with no gaps at the edges. Slather the outside with sauce. Grill until the center is no longer pink about 7 minutes per side. The juices will run clear when fully cooked. Add cheese slice. While burgers are cooking toast buns particularly if GF. Serve on buns with favorite organic condiments.

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