Monday, September 13, 2010

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Although this takes a half hour to cook, it is under five minute assembly. Wicked fast yummy food!

serves 1
1 Slice of mozzarella cheese
1 large Bell and Evans GF Chicken Tender
1 Against the Grain Rosemary Roll
Newman's Own Marinara Sauce
Throw the chicken tender in the toaster oven for 25 minutes.  Don't use the microwave cuz the breading gets soggy.  Go sit down for 15 minutes.  Come back and defrost the rosemary roll in 30 second intervals, flipping over each time until the center is really hot.  I suggest cutting in half after the first heating while it is still partially frozen.  Heat the sauce in the microwave until you hear popping 30-60 minutes.  Stir sauce.  As soon as tender is done assemble sandwich and enjoy.  Fast and yummy!

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