Thursday, December 16, 2010

Double Boiled Rice

I learned this one from my acupuncturist.  When I first became ill I couldn't tolerate food.  Anything I ate made me feel sick.  This dish allowed me to eat and helped me mantain enough strength to get better.  It is easiest to make if you own a rice cooker.  I love mine and highly recomend getting one.  However, purchase one with a nonstick coating.  I own an old aluminum one and trying to clean it is a bear and I often wonder where the aluminum went that used to be in the pits in the bottom of the pan.  Rice with a side of Al anyone??

serves 1

1c rice white or brown
4c filtered water

1) Add rice and 2 cups water to cooker.  Turn it on and walk away.
2) When cooker is done.  Add remaining water.  Turn on cooker and walk away.

At first eat this plain.  When you can't stand the blandness anymore and feel like you can handle some food, you can add a dash of GF Tamari, or switch to a rice mix.  When you feel a bit better, add some plain boiled shredded chicken or a fish to the rice.  You can also add plain vegetables to it and/or tofu cubes.

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